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"Nothing can
be more dangerous
to our efforts to build peace and development than a world divided along religious, ethnic or cultural lines."

Kofi Annan

Your question

Your organisation is a meeting point for people of different cultural and social backgrounds.
Staffs as well as the clients of your services are confronted to numerous questions: How do I deal with someone from a culture that's different from mine? How can we all develop a culture of respect and encounter that will have a positive impact on the working atmosphere?

Our answer

Our intercultural trainings allow you to reflect on and broaden your intercultural competence. Through field-tested interactive methods and on the basis of a well-grounded theoretical knowledge, we engage in a process for the benefit of all participants. At the core of the trainings are the practice relevance and the personal experience of the participants. The topics are:

In practice

To broaden one's own intercultural competence is a time-requiring process. Therefore our trainings ideally consist of three seminar days with an interval of two to three weeks between them. We work in variable tandem teams. We pay attention to diversity: diversity of the participants, of the trainers, of the topics.
Please contact me so that we work together on the most suitable formula for your organisation.

In theory

Diversity is a holistic approach which addresses human differences under the most various aspects. Diversity can by no means be reduced to the sole aspect of ethnic belonging, which is only one component of it. The perspectives of gender and sexual orientation, age group, religion, life with ability or disability are to be considered as well.
The landscape of Diversity is rich of various approaches. I work with the following:

Our partners

We cooperate with the following organisations or projects. Some of the intercultural trainings offered are completed, other are planned. Some trainings are accessible to a broad public. Interested? Please contact me!